Design Portfolio


Babka Shiksa


Babka Shiksa is an artisanal pastry company, crafting the delicious handmade Jewish treat known as babka.

In need of simple branding and some supporting visual handouts to get started, we got to work building the right feel for this new company.

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Sterling Lee


Sterling Lee was a candidate running for a Regional Councillor seat in the town of Ajax, in need of campaign materials.

Wanting a bold and memorable presence, we put together a full package including branding and visual support, for his use across various platforms.

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eMeds is a tech based pharmaceutical company that specializes as a mobile platform for ordering and delivery of prescription medicine.

Looking for a concept to build their logo and branding around, we worked on various looks and feels to define them at the beginning of their journey as a new business.

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Sharon Cheng


Sharon Cheng is an Osteopath and natural health practitioner who works one-on-one with clients, by providing them with gentle therapy to help them recover proper bodily alignment, so that they can lead comfortable lives.

In need of simple branding and an online presence, we developed a clean, approachable style.

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Champion Legal


Champion Legal is a brand new paralegal business serving the local Hamilton community, by offering consultation and representation for small legal needs.

Wanting something modern and friendly, we developed branding and an online presence that is pleasant and approachable.

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Chalets & Caviar


Chalets & Caviar is a fictitious Real Estate company, built as a portfolio project. They specialize in luxury sales and rentals in Aspen, Colorado.

Looking to embody the feel of elegance and luxury, branding was established as a supporting asset for the development of a WordPress website.

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