Sterling Lee


Sterling Lee

Sterling Lee was a candidate running for a Regional Councillor seat in the town of Ajax, in need of campaign materials. Determined to put together the most professional and slick campaign of all the candidates, Sterling knew the value of consistent branding and covering multiple forms of communication.

Wanting a bold and memorable presence, we put together a full package including branding and visual support, for his use across various platforms. The logo is meant to be easy to read, recognizable from a distance and adaptable in various design layouts. Supporting photography was a huge asset, so we did multiple photoshoots as the campaign progressed.

One of the most interesting pieces to create was the printed door knocker. The year that this election was held, was the first year that the town moved to an all digital voting platform. Concerned for the ease of use of some of the senior and ESL members of the community, Sterling asked that we design a door knocker that illustrated the exact process of voting online.

I’m proud to say that Sterling won his electoral riding and is now Regional Councillor for Ward 2 in the Town of Ajax!

Items created for client:

  • Logo/branding

  • Social media banners

  • Promotional postcards (2 versions)

  • Door knocker

  • Lawn sign

  • Letterhead

  • Website

  • Content writing

  • Photography (2 rounds of headshots, family portraits, campaign photography)





Social Media (Twitter banner)

Social Media (Facebook banner)

Social Media (Paid ad placement)


Promotional Postcard (Front)

Promotional Postcard (Back)

Promotional Postcard - Followup (Front)

Promotional Postcard - Followup (Back)


Door Knocker (Front)

Door Knocker (Back)



Lawn sign


Website - Desktop (SquareSpace)