Chalets & Caviar


Chalets & Caviar

Chalets & Caviar is a fictitious Real Estate company, assigned as a portfolio project while obtaining my BA in Web Development. The company specializes in luxury sales and rentals in Aspen, Colorado.

Looking to embody elegance and luxury, branding was established as a supporting asset for the development of the WordPress website. Although branding was not part of the assignment, it had to be developed in order to create a sleek and stunning visual design.

Items created for client:

  • Logo/branding

  • Website

  • Stock photography sourcing

  • Photography (Headshots)

  • Content writing



Logo (Standard version)


Website home page - Desktop (Wordpress)

Website about page - Desktop (Wordpress)

Website sales page - Desktop (Wordpress)

Website sales listing page - Desktop (Wordpress)

Website rentals page - Desktop (Wordpress)

Website rentals listing page - Desktop (Wordpress)

Website contact page - Desktop (Wordpress)