Lisa and Tanner | Mimico Cruising Club Wedding

Lisa and Tanner and I had a great time at their engagement shoot in Toronto Island some months ago.  These two are adorable and even a bit nervous and giggly during photo shoots, despite their decade long relationship, which frankly, just adds to their cuteness.  I was super excited for their awesome wedding at the Mimico Cruising Club earlier this month to get to hang out with them again.  I love photographing by the water and boats, there are such cool little places to find for photos.  After getting ready on a boat (how cool!) their wedding ceremony was held outside in the beautiful summer afternoon, with a traditional tea ceremony to follow.  Top that off with wanderings through out the docks, lighthouses and garden and you have a recipe for great photos.  A fantastic day at a beautiful location, a huge group of fun guests, and 10 years of romance sealed with a kiss. #Finally!  Thanks so much for making me a part of your journey…smooth sailing you two!